Protective mask, black, smaller mask shape

Protective mask, black, smaller mask shape
Protective mask, black, smaller mask shape

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3-ply, washable, antibacterial, smaller mask shape

Reusable protective masks

Our washable and antibacterial protective masks offer the best protection. They have a beautiful design and are comfortable to wear.


Available in 3 sizes, new also for children.


They consist of three layers with different functions:




Outer layer

Antibacterial, UV protection, waterproof

Middle class

Dust filter

Inner layer

sweat absorbing, cooling, Anti-fog for spectacle wearers


Cheaper than disposable masks

Our masks are reusable and therefore resource and environmental friendly.

One reusable mask can replace up to 60 disposable masks.





Conserving resources and the environment


Washable and reusable up to 30 times

Only 9.50 CHF

Low price, replaces up to 60 disposable masks



Attractive prices for companies

Protective masks with your own logo are available from 100 pieces.






High wearing comfort

Proven millions of times in practice - our protective masks are particularly suitable for prolonged wear in public transport and in public spaces.




Available in 3 sizes

New also for children

Beautiful design

Optimal protection and visually appealing

Easy handling

100% Polyester


So schützen wir uns im ÖV




Technical details

The protective masks are manufactured according to the international Intertek standards.


The masks are constructed in such a way that very few leaks occur at the edge and at the nose (leakage). Thus the breathing air is always optimally filtered.


An additional advantage for spectacle wearers - the tight seal above the nose reduces fogging of the spectacles.







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