For sharp blades worldwide

What sharpener is the right one for me?

iSTOR Standard Sharpener


  • For small blades in the kitchen and the home
  • Also specifically suitable for women's small hands
  • Space for it in every trouser pocket
  • Is also very popular with outdoors enthusiasts (campers, ramblers, fishermen and hunters etc.)

iSTOR Professional Sharpener


  • With ergonomic handle and larger sharpener section
  • Specifically for large kitchen knives and garden implements such as tree and garden shears.
  • Very popular with professionals. Every workshop should have one.
  • Also ideal for hanging up since it has a hole.

iSTOR Duplex Sharpener


  • Dual function: sharpening AND grinding in one unit.
  • One side with sharpening section analogous to professional model, other side with diamond-studded grinding section.
  • Developed in technical cooperation with FELCO Switzerland
  • Specifically for maintaining garden and tree shears, sickles, scythes and lawnmowers etc.
  • Removes small dents as quick as a flash.

iSTOR gift set


  • iSTOR Standard Swiss Sharpener in red
  • Including Victorinox pocket knife with 8 functions
  • In gift packaging
  • The ideal gift

iSTOR Diamond Sharpener


  • Swiss Diamond Sharpener
  • Schärfen und Schleifen  von runden Klingen
  • Für Hufmesser/Rinnmesser, Gärtnermesser und Hakenmesser (Holzschnitzmesser)

iSTOR Diamond Sharpener


  • Swiss Diamond Sharpener
  • for sharpening and grinding of curved blades
  • hoof knives, garden knives and hook knives (wood carving knives)