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Duplex Sharpener instructions

Sharpen blunt blades - with the Duplex Sharpener you get a perfect grinding and sharpening result.


  • easy to use
  • no pressure necessary
  • forms no burr on the blade
  • cutting edges reamin sharper for longer
  • can be used by both right and left handed people




With the flat side of the diamond grinder grind the blade with a rotating movement at an angle of 15-30° (like a sharpening stone).


Maintenance: Clean the dirty diamond grinder by scrubbing it with water and scouring agent.

Duplex Sharpener schärfen



When you have finished the grinding, pull the concave sharpening edge gently along the blade edge at the given angle (as Standard and Professional Sharpener).


Work only with one side of the sharpener and always from the handle to the point of the the blade. When sharpening Scissors, Secateurs and Pruning shears only sharpen the bevelled side.

Duplex Sharpener schärfen



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