With our brands, we are committed to various (horse sports) areas that promote an active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Our great commitment is far more than sponsoring. Rather, this is how we fulfil our social responsibility in society.


Quality is at the very top of the list of factors in the production of istor Sharpener®. Istor AG is proud and convinced of its commitment to Switzerland as a production location, with all raw and packaging materials sourced from Swiss companies and products manufactured in Switzerland.




Passion and the pursuit of excellence have prompted us to become active in the field of boxing. On the one hand, we support regional boxing meetings in Switzerland and Germany, on the other hand we support talented amateur and professional boxers. These activities are carried out under the #istorboxing brand.


Zino Meuli


Maja Wyoming

Maya Wyoming


Irrespective of the degree of recognition and creative scope, however, all athletes have one thing in common: the passion with which they pursue their activities and the pursuit of excellence - an attitude that also distinguishes Istor AG.





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